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John Bologni

Recording & Mixing Engineer

Your music is in
good hands.

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Susan Lamb Cook_edited.jpg

“Sounds wonderful, John!”

- Susan Lamb Cook

Principal Cellist of The

Sacramento Philharmonic

“Man, you are magic!”

- Zach Martin

Solo Artist/Guitarist

“What a great recording this is! Thanks for such a great job.”

- Pete Nowlen

Conductor of Camerata California

Chase Spruill_edited.jpg
Tanya Tomkins_edited.jpg

“Everyone is more than pleased!”

- Johnny Mercado

Lead Singer of The Willow Snags

“Thanks so much for your hard

work.  What a dream come true!”

-Chase Spruill

Concert Master of

Camellia Symphony Orchestra

“Your recordings sound AWESOME!!!

Thank you so much!”

-Tanya Tomkins

Co-Founder & Artistic Director of

Valley of the Moon Music Festival





Whether recording a whole band together or layering arrangements one part at a time, capturing one-of-a-kind performances is like catching lighting in a bottle. Let my passion for recording be an asset to your project.



Whether capturing the power of a full orchestra or the intimacy of a chamber ensemble, realism and balance are crucial to an engaging classical recording. I possess the techniques and experience required to ensure epic, live performances are captured in all their glory.


Mixing is the skillful art of balancing every element, effect, and detail that makes your song or performance unique. Send me your raw tracks and I'll send you back vibrant, finished mixes you will be proud of for years to come.




Like a masterfully taken photograph, transparency is at the heart of my approach to any recording project. Whether a project requires skillfully combining over 100 tracks, or the insight of knowing when less is more, I strive for every project I work on to be presented its best sonic representation. My goal is for every piece of music I touch to sound exactly as it is meant to, absolutely magical.

My work has taken me from recording Grammy award-winning artists live at the 50th Anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival, to recording performances of Vivaldi's concertos in a 16th century Venetian cathedral, and many places in between. I have mixed and mastered records reviewed by Downbeat magazine, recorded live performances of full symphony orchestras, and engineered complex studio sessions with over 20 musicians playing simultaneously.

I love working on an eclectic mix of genres and styles, each presenting their own challenges and required set of skills. For me, one of the most exciting aspects of working on music is that each project is unique, and that there is always new music to be experienced.​



Thanks for reaching out!

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